MiBroadband expands coverage to the Jackson Junction, Elma and west Decorah areas

MiBroadband is pleased to announce additional access to broadband service for rural residents with the launch of fixed wireless internet service to three Iowa locations in Howard and Winneshiek counties.

In Howard County, a monopole with an antenna has been installed at MiEnergy Cooperative’s Howard Substation, at the corner of 175th Street and Jade Avenue between Elma and Lourdes.

By partnering with Winneshiek County, MiBroadband added internet communications equipment to the County’s tower west of Decorah, on Highway 9 just west of Bodensteiner Implement. And in return, MiBroadband allowed Winneshiek County’s emergency communications to be added to its new tower in Jackson Junction, which is just west of the school along Highway 24.

Fixed wireless broadband service works in a similar fashion to cell phone communication with an antenna on a tower to carry the signal to the customer’s fixed location. A radio at the customer’s home, farm or business receives the signal from an antenna. Customers do need a line of sight to the antenna, which can send a signal approximately five to seven miles.

“We appreciate the partnership we were able to form with Winneshiek County. It allows for expanded broadband service and 911 communications,” says Jill Huffman, MiBroadband’s CEO.

The antenna installations were completed in May. MiBroadband then began installing service to those who were on a waiting list for service.

In describing how fixed wireless broadband is different from other forms of internet service, Huffman explains that fixed wireless broadband has a lot to offer.

“It is faster and more reliable than what cellular carriers can provide. When compared to DSL you don’t see internet speeds limited by distance from the provider’s main office,” Huffman states. “With cable-based service, a neighborhood shares a finite amount of capacity which can degrade service at peak times. Fixed wireless doesn’t have those limitations.”

The headquarters for the company is in Harmony, Minn. and Huffman says customer service is a top priority for MiBroadband.

“While MiBroadband is not a cooperative, it is owned by three cooperatives who have a history of providing excellent customer service.  Those same expectations on customer service carry over to this business to serve those who have had no options or who have had limited options for broadband,” explained Huffman.

Huffman expresses that whether a potential subscriber is looking for an alternative to service they already have, or if they are new to broadband service altogether, to make an inquiry to see how MiBroadband may assist them.

“We have employees that can assess your location for service and explain what we provide and help you create a customized network that fits your needs and lifestyle from the very basic internet service needs to the more advanced,” Huffman says.

July 21st, 2020|