Fixed Wireless Broadband Packages


  • Basic Use
  • Music & Gaming
  • 1-2 Devices


  • Streaming
  • Telecommuting
  • 3-4 Devices


  • HD Streaming
  • Online Gaming
  • Moderate Number of Devices


  • Work From Home
  • Business Operations
  • Ultimate Number of Devices

Fixed Wireless broadband is a line of sight technology. It means flat areas are easier to serve than the bluff valley areas. It also means that trees and buildings impact the delivery of service. Subscribers have a radio (a small, round dish-like device) at a fixed location, such as a home, farm or business, that communicates with an access point on a nearby MiBroadband communications tower.

Fixed wireless pricing is currently for locations of:

  • Cherry Grove, Minnesota
  • Cresco, Iowa
  • Fountain, Minnesota
  • Greenleafton, Minnesota
  • Peterson, Minnesota
  • Preston, Minnesota
  • Rushford, Minnesota
  • Spring Valley, Minnesota
  • Elma, Iowa
  • Jackson Junction, Iowa
  • Decorah, Iowa (west of Decorah)
  • New Hampton, Iowa (north east of New Hampton)
  • Lime Springs, Iowa

Please call our office to find out if this service will work for you.