The Fiber-Optic network build will happen in phases.

Planning & Design

Before we do anything we design the network by deciding where the infrastructure will need to be placed.

Main Line Construction

Building a fiber network takes a lot of time. It requires laying all new fiber optic cable in the ground. One foot of fiber at a time. First we locate the existing utilities. We are able to build our network in the public right of ways but will need to secure rights for your private properties in order to do individual drops to your home.

Construction Continues

Most construction work can be disruptive in one way or another. We try our best to minimize any disruption for you. Construction will require large pieces of equipment that may cause messes but rest assured, we have a whole crew to come and clean up those messes and restore to previous conditions. Next comes the really exciting part!


Once construction on the main line is well underway, we will begin to plow drops for each individual property. Drop plans will be discussed prior to construction day by one of our contractors and the homeowner. Public utilities will be located and any private utilities (septic, well, LP Gas, Drainage Tiles, etc.) are the responsibility of the homeowner,

Services Get Installed

After proper testing and preparation it will be time to install your new fiber optic broadband service. The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Representatives from our office will call to set up a time and go through all service offerings! Once your services have been installed all there is left to do is sit back and enjoy your great new service!