Fiber construction begins in rural Howard County

Harmony, Minn. (11 a.m. July 18, 2022) —Rural Howard County residents have something to be excited about. Harmony Telephone Company announced on July 18 at a groundbreaking event in Preston, Minn. that construction has officially started on installing fiber as part of an earlier grant award.

Harmony Telephone was awarded a federal USDA ReConnect Program grant-loan totaling $9.7 million in fall of 2020.
The company will use the grant-loan combination to connect 538 locations with high-speed broadband internet in Howard and Chickasaw counties in Iowa.
“Building a fiber network is expensive for areas with lower population densities. We are grateful for the support by our elected officials who have made investing in this infrastructure a priority,” explained Harmony Telephone Company CEO Jill Huffman. Fiber brings fast and reliable internet service unlike any other type of broadband service available. Once residents have access to fiber, Harmony Telephone is prepared to be their local resource for questions and
assistance. “We not only bring the fiber, but more importantly, we bring local customer service to help set up wireless networks to allow for things such as telecommuting, real-time video monitoring of property and equipment, and viewing of streaming services,” Huffman said.

Construction is scheduled to be completed this year. Anyone living in or near the areas on the map can call Harmony Telephone at 507-886-2525 for more information and details on a timeline for service availability.